Hans Newsidler "Der ander Theyl" Errata

Errata: These are, in German, corrections that were overlooked. Each correction is given below.  Errors are spelled out in detail. You can add corrections with a pen , and you can scrape off what is excessive or false with a little knife.

F2.    In "La Alfonsina", in the 6th line, in the 4th measure, there is a Z
that should be an i with an overstrike, like this:

K1v.   In Ave Sanctissima, in Part 2, in the 16th line, in the last measure, under the g there should be a line, like this: |.

L2.    In "Ecce video coelos apertos", Part 2, 3rd measure, instead of a rhythm grid with 4 cross-hatches, there should be only 3 cross-hatches, like this:  

M4.   In the first Tannernach, in the 1st line, in the 3rd measure, there is a  and 4 over each other.  There should be a p over the 4, thus:
P4v.  In Alexander, Part 1, in the 24th line, in the first measure, there is a grid with 4 cross-hatches.  It should only have three, thus:
Q1v.  And in the 29th line, 3rd measure, there is an f under the number 4.  That should be an upper case C, like this: C
S2.    In "Letatus sum", Part 2, in the 1st measure, the first rhythm flag should be a simple line:  

T1v.   In "Memor esto", Part 1, 19th line, 1st measure, instead of a half rhythm grid with 3 cross-hatches, there should only be 2, like so:
T1v.   And in the 21st line, 4th measure, instead of a long flag
like this:  , there should be a rhythm flag like this:

X1v.   In "Laudate dominum de coelis", Part 2, 5th line, last measure, instead of an f under the number 4 there should be a g.

Cc3.   In "Mein Fleiss und muhe", in the 2nd line, 1st measure, there are two rhythm grids with 4 cross-hatches.  The last should only have 3 cross-hatches, like so:  

Cc3v. And in the 5th line, last measure, between p and g there is a c.  That should be a number four, like this: 4.

Dd1.  In "Mein einigs A", in the 4th line, in the last measure, there should be an n between the k and the 2.

Dd3.  In "Die prunlein die da fliessen", in the last line, 2nd measure, there are two 5's next to one another.  The first should be a k.